Single release entitled " Above the Clouds" available February 8 2020.


Live the music, embrace fashions, while reaching souls.

Live the music, embrace fashions, while reaching souls.

Live the music, embrace fashions, while reaching souls.Live the music, embrace fashions, while reaching souls.Live the music, embrace fashions, while reaching souls.

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Lotus Sole' formerly of San Diego, Ca. Now residing in Fort Worth, Tx. is a seasoned recording artist, her first single 'Above the Clouds" of which she is very proud and excited to release, can be pre ordered by distributors such as itunes, google play, apple music, right now!***** The release date for her single "Above the Clouds" is, February 8, 2020, which just so happens to be her birthday.  Sole' owns 'Lotus Sole' Fashion & Accessories' a sole proprietorship, specializing in fashions for the entire family.  Her music, literature, merchandise, videos and films are some of the amazing works you will see in the upcoming years from Lotus sole' please subscribe to be informed of up and coming releases.

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 With great excitement we announce the release of Lotus Sole' first single, being sold on all platforms, such as: google play, apple music, and itunes.  The Single "Above the clouds" will drop February 8, 2020 you can catch a snippet at make your  preorder now!!

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The snippet of Lotus Sole' single "Above the Clouds" as well as other renditions of hers, have received thousands of reviews Brain Van der kust writes "Amazing Intro!!! WoW...Beautiful voice lotus sole'! Godspeed.... from Holland (80 Spirit) Min J. writes Awsome!  gdollars85 writes Wow Lotus Sole! You are the bomb girl. there are thousands others testimonials just like these on youtube go to and leave your thoughts as well. Blessings to all, and have a great 2020!

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Lotus Sole' fashion & accessories will be running a 2020 sale on all apparel until further notice.

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Once again we are so excited to announce Lotus Sole' very first single release date is February 8, 2020 you may pre order now on itunes, apple music, and google play.  Thank you for your well wishes.

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